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Adobe PDF file Libero Tracker NY *

Adobe PDF file Line-Up Sheet *- NYS Line Up Sheets

Microsoft Word file NYCHSAA Volleyball Playoff Results 2017- Results from 2017 Playoffs

Adobe PDF file NYS Scoresheet Deciding Set *

Adobe PDF file NYS Scoresheet Non Deciding Set *- Score sheet for Non-Deciding Sets

Adobe PDF file Officials Fees Volleyball 2017 *- Officials Fees for Volleyball 2017 Crossover Fees included

Microsoft Word file Volleyball By Laws Revised 2017- Volleyball Rules and Regs for GCHSAA

Microsoft Word file Golf Rules and Regulations 2017- Golf Rules and Regulations 2017 GCHSAA

Microsoft Word file Intersectional Coaches Meeting Dec 2014- Information on Intersectional meeting that took place on Dec 4, 2014 at Preston HS Form for crossover games included

Microsoft Excel file Intersectional Divsions Revised- Recommendations and revisions of Inter-sectional Divisions.

Adobe PDF file Bronx Softball By Laws GCHSAA-NY *- Bronx Softball By Laws for NY Archdiocese. Officials Fees are included

Microsoft Word file Manhattan League Rules 2017- Officials Payment and League Rules for 2017

Microsoft Word file Softball Playoff Information 2017 Revised- All Information for the playoffs in the 2017 Season. Revised 5/4/2017

Microsoft Word file Softball Season Results 2016- JV and Varsity Results Information from Jamie Skrapitz

Adobe PDF file Basketball Information for Coaches-Bronx *- Basketball Coaches Information for Bronx Schools from Assignor Roe Zerbo Rev 2016-2017 Season

Adobe PDF file Officials Responsibilities Basketball-Bronx *- Officials Responsibilities Basketball-Bronx from Assignor Roe Zerbo 2016-2017

Microsoft Word file Spafford - Information for Coaches/Officials 2016-2017- Assignor Donna Spafford document on Information for Coaches/Officials in Westchester 2016-2017

Microsoft Word file Spafford-Resposibilities Of Officials 2016-2017- Assignor Donna Spafford - Responsibilities of Officials

Adobe PDF file Code of Conduct *- The Athletes Code of Conduct promoting fair play and Sportmanship

Microsoft Word file NY State Roster Form 2014- Roster Form that is needed to be submitted to the state

Adobe PDF file Sanctioning Form *

Adobe PDF file Student Athletes Transfer Form *

Adobe PDF file Coaches and AD Manual for the web *- Manual and help file for all AD's and Coaches.

Microsoft Excel file Schedule Template for All Sports- Please use this template for all schedules that have to be handed in on this web site.

Microsoft Excel file Schedule Template Simple

Adobe PDF file Sign In - HELP *- This will help new Coaches and AD's and officials Sign In for the first time on the web

Microsoft Excel file Schedule Template for All Sports- Template for all schedules on this web site

Note some or all of the preceding documents can be downloaded and displayed and/or printed in Adobe's Acrobat format.  If you do not have Adobe's free Acrobat Reader software, download it now.